Company D

Company D was recruited during the fall of 1861. Like most of the other companies of the 28th Massachusetts, company D drew most of its original members from Boston and the surrounding area, although there were a prominent contingent of 10 men from Newburyport and 6 from Lawrence. Andrew J. Lawler, a 26-year old Boston brass finisher, was commissioned as the first Captain of Company D. Lawler was wounded in action on June 16, 1862 at James Island. Upon his return to the regiment, he was promoted to Major in September 1863 with the approval of Col. Byrnes, a regular army soldier who had extremely high standards for his officers. When Lt. Col. Cartwright was severely wounded at the Wilderness, Lawler took over command of the regiment. Tragically, he was killed in battle leading an assault at the head of the regiment on May 18, 1864 at Spottsylvania, Virginia.

Three enlisted men of Company D were commissioned as officers from the ranks. Patrick Dwyer enlisted in 1861 as a Sergeant, and earned a commission to 2nd and then 1st Lieutenant before the end of 1862. He eventually resigned and was discharged in April 1863 as 1st Lieutenant of Co. F. Michael Powderly was a 22-year old shoemaker when he enlisted in 1861 as a Corporal in Company D. He was wounded at Spottsylvania, but returned to the regiment in time to win promotion to Sergeant Major and then 1st Lieutenant of Company D by July, 1864. He eventually mustered out with the regiment on June 30, 1865 at this rank. John Connor was just 18 when he enlisted as a Private in 1861. He served faithfully in the ranks until being commissioned as 1st Lieutenant on May 19, 1864. He was later wounded at both Cold Harbor and Hatcher's Run, but returned to the regiment in time to muster out on June 30, 1865 as Captain of Co. C.

A total of 208 enlisted men served in Company D between December, 1861 and July, 1865. Of these, 22 men were killed or mortally wounded, 7 reported as missing in action, 7 died of disease, and 7 died as prisoners of war, for a total of 43 (20.7%) deaths.

Roster of Company D

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