Company E

Company E was recruited in the fall of 1861, with most of the original members originating from Boston and the surrounding area. Samuel Moore, a 24-year old Boston bookbinder, was commissioned as the first Captain of Company E. He eventually resigned due to a physical disability in January, 1863.

Six enlisted men from Company E were commissioned from the ranks as officers during their term of service. Augustus Annand had served as a volunteer in the 3rd Massachusetts Infantry (a 3 mos. regiment) before enlisting as a Sergeant in the 28th Massachusetts at its founding. He served in this capacity until September 1862, when he was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant. By the end of 1862, Annand had been promoted to 1st Lieutenant and then to regimental Adjutant. In January of 1863, he was promoted to Captain of Company E, which he led until being wounded at Spottsylvania in May, 1864. He never recovered sufficiently from this wound to return to the regiment, and was discharged a year later.

Robert Horrigan of Boston joined the regiment in 1861 and was promoted from 1st Sergeant to 2nd Lieutenant in November, 1862. He served until April 1863, when he resigned as 1st Lieutenant of Company I. Michael Kirely, a 37-year old Private from East Boston, was drafted in August 1863 and commissioned a 1st Lieutenant from 1st Sergeant just one month later. The following December, he was appointed Adjutant. He was wounded at the Wilderness in May 1864, and then later commissioned Captain before the month was over. He was finally discharged for wounds received in battle in August, 1864 as 1st Lieutant of Co. D.

Cornelius McCarthy, an 18-year old Boston teamster, enlisted as a Corporal at the formation of the regiment. Wounded at Fredericksurg, he subsequently re-enlisted in January, 1864 as a Sergeant. Again wounded at Petersburg, he was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant of Company B in September, and finished the war in that capacity. John Miles, a 22-year old carver from Boston, enlisted as a Corporal in Company E at the formation of the regiment. He re-enlisted in January 1864 as 1st Sergeant, then was commissioned 1st Lieutenant in May 19, 1864 after being wounded earlier that month at the Wilderness. He was commissioned Captain in August 1864 before being wounded again at Reams' Station. He mustered out with the regiment that following June at the rank of Captain.

A total of 209 enlisted men served in Company E during the three years of its existence in the field. Of this number, 16 men were killed in action, 3 were reported missing in action and presumed killed, 6 died by accident or disease, and 3 died as prisoners of war for a total of 28 men (13.4%).

Roster of Company E

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