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Recommended Sutlers

The sutlers, or suppliers, listed on this page have outfitted the men of the 28th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry over the years. They have generally provided the soliders in our ranks with quality goods, reliable service, and fairness in all dealings.

When buying online or through the mail, be forewarned: most of these suppliers are small outfits, and it is not uncommon for certain items to take weeks, if not months, to arrive at your door. We recommend asking for an estimated delivery time when placing your order.

Photo of sutler tentIf you need something right away, you can probably obtain it at an event, but merchants on "sutler row" in general tend to sell less authentic goods at higher prices than you will find online or by mail order. A good rule of thumb is to plan ahead, shop carefully, order from recommended sources, and be willing to wait for delivery. You will be rewarded for your patience with authentic and durable gear that will serve you well for many years.

When ordering items, always be sure to tell the supplier that you are a member of the 28th Massachusetts and that your impression is Mid War. This can sometimes make a difference in what the supplier provides you.

Veteran members of the 28th Massachusetts are generally your most reliable source of information about what items to buy and from whom. They know from experience which suppliers offer the best combination of authenticity, durability, service and value. Many of the listed suppliers, although their answers to your questions may sometimes be self-serving, can also offer you helpful advice.

Good deals on used items can sometimes be found on the Classified Ads for Military Items forum at and occasionally even eBay. Before buying or bidding, however, it's always a good idea to run your potential purchase by a veteran member of the 28th. That way, you won't get stuck with an item that isn't right for your impression or won't be satisfactory in the long run.

Recommended Sutlers for Maximum Historical Accuracy

Many of these merchants specialize in only a handful of goods and make them one at a time by hand, copying original specimens or adhering to authentic patterns.

  • Camp Randall Quartermaster (John Wedeward)
    (608) 873-8503
    Museum-grade sack coats.  Does not maintain a stock; custom orders only.

  • Carter & Jasper Authentic Mercantile

    Purveyor of quality reproduction goods, including Joe Blunt uniforms and Duvall Leatherwok accoutrements.

  • C.J. Daley Historical Reproductions
    (301) 766-7112
    Top quality uniforms, drawers, great coats, NCO chevrons, shelter halves and shirts. Excellent goods, but sometimes slow to respond.

  • Claude Sinclair
    Highly recommended Federal Oil Blanket (ground cloth).

  • Dell's Leatherworks
    (914) 339-4916
    Cap pouches, cartridge boxes and belts.

  • Dirty Billy's Hats
    (717) 334-3200
    Forage caps and slouch hats.

  • Duvall Leatherwork
    (570) 283-9297
    A full line of well researched leather accoutrements.

  • E.J. Thomas Mercantile
    Sutlery specializing in accurate handmade reproductions of leather goods. Also sells other high-quality items from respected makers.

  • Galla Rock Shirt & Pattern
    (479) 967-1329
    Custom-sewn and ready-made uniforms, based on accurate patterns and with many hand-sewn details. Check out the Federal enlisted uniform special.

  • Land, Robert
    (519) 836-0747
    Highly recommended brogans and boots.

  • Mattimore Harness
    (307) 745-8460
    Boots and brogans.

  • Missouri Boot & Shoe (Robert Serio)
    (417) 451-6100
    Highly recommended boots, brogans, knapsacks and leather accoutrements. 

  • N.J. Sekela Historic Clothiers
    One of the most meticulous makers of high quality, accurate reproductions. Highly recommended J.T. Martin Contract Fatigue Blouse sets the standard for sack coats. Lincoln private purchase McDowell visor forage cap and leather goods are also excellent.

  • S&S Sutler of Gettysburg
    (717) 334-4253
    Top quality uniforms, headwear and accoutrements from respected makers, including Jodi Nolan and Jim Warehime.

  • Stony Brook Co. (Chris Sullivan)
    (315) 343-1557
    Highly recommended Deering contract, Schuylkill Arsenal, and officer's private purchase trousers. Also takes used articles on consignment and frequently has high-quality used goods for very reasonable prices. One of the most responsive, helpful, and honest sutlers in the business.

  • The Superior Cap Co. (Mike Stiles)
    (607) 532-4452
    Handmade McDowell visor forage caps priced lower than those from other quality makers.

  • Village Tinsmithing Works

    (336) 468-1190
    Purveyor of fine copper, brass and tinware.

  • Wambaugh, White & Co.
    (517) 303-3609
    High quality sutler carrying a wide range of accurate reproduction period goods. Offers uniform package deals and garment kits for those who like to do their own sewing.

  • Zimmerman, John, Master Gunsmith
    (304) 535-2558
    Firearms and musket "defarbing" services. One of our recruits took the field at his first event with a Zimmerman-made Enfield rifle, leaving many a veteran wanting his own.

Recommended Sutlers for Basic Historical Accuracy

Most of these companies are full-line sutlers from whom you can obtain a musket and most if not all of your basic "kit" (i.e. uniform and accoutrements).

  • C & D Jarnagin
    (662) 287-4977
    One of the primary outfitters of the 28th Massachusetts over the years. Carries a full line of goods. Its gum blankets, knapsacks and tin ware are of exceptional quality.

  • Blockade Runner
    (931) 389-6294
    Good full-line sutlery. Wide selection of firearms. Nice federal Type II shelter half tent. Hand sewing on some uniform items. Reasonable prices and reliable service.

  • Fall Creek Suttlery
    (765) 482-1861
    Full-line sutlery seen at many events. Reasonable prices and reliable service.

  • Panther Primitives
    (304) 462-7718
    Shelter halves and "A" tents. Not as authentic as some, but extremely well made and durable.

  • Regimental Quartermaster
    (215) 340-1863
    Well-known full-line sutlery often seen at events. Large selection of goods with an increasing focus on historical accuracy. Still better to see the goods in person than to buy them by mail.

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